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About Us

Brazilian Glamours Salon was founded by Diane Yakimovicz and has been serving people in Redondo Beach since 2017.

What we value:

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We are committed to cooperating with others in pursuit of the customer’s beauty goals and team effort to follow through with the service.  



We are committed to creating and sharing idealized versions of yourself by providing beauty solutions to empower you on your daily routines with family or in a professional setting.



We are committed to delivering on promises to our best ability and acknowledging responsibility for the outcomes of our actions.



We honor all interactions and experiences that helped shape our growth allowing us to impact the community. 

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Our Experts

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Diane Yakimovicz

Owner, beauty consultant and Cosmetologist Diane, started her journey within the beauty industry in 2005. Diane's passion is to help other women through beauty.  She started as a licensed beautician and manicurist then advancing her skill set by specializing in hair extensions as well. Her goal is to assist women to improve their self-esteem and provide quality service 


Dayane Nascimento

Dayane Nascimento graduated from University of California, Merced in 2020 obtained her bachelor's degree in science majoring in Mechanical Engineering. On top of her day job as a Sales Engineer and running her own e-commerce business she took lead on rebranding the salon. Her focus has been redesigning the new logo, website and making an online presence for the salon. Furthermore, Nascimento has executed the transition to an online platform to streamline booking by partnering with Mindbody, Booker. On her free time she enjoys walking her dog, going to the gym, reading and learning about health/wellness. 

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