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  • Amazon Scalp and Hair Therapy
    Description coming soon!
  • Botox Hair Smooth Treatment
    What is it? Considered safe to use for any hair type. It eliminates frizz and makes your hair have a young appearance. With our experience, we recommend the use of the Brazilian Botox when the client wants to keep their curly or wavy hair and to eliminate the fizziness. In some cases, we recommend this treatment for clients that want to soften their curls and eliminate the frizz. What's the procedure? Procedure will depend on hair and results you desire to achieve. A generic process as follows: Wash the hair with proper shampoo to open up the cuticles. Then prepare the strands of hair for conditioning. Botox treatment is massaged into strands of hair from root to tip. A shower cap is then applied in order for the hair to better absorb the treatment. Treatment stays in the hair for a certain period depending on hair, 45 to 90 minutes. Rinse off the product, blow dry then flat iron to assure the frizz elimination. Time for process: 30 to 90 minutes Please call to book for consultation with the hair specialist.
  • Brazilian Blend Silky Hair
    Description coming soon!
  • Brazilian Keratin Straightening
    What do I get? Signature Hair Straightening customized for your hair texture. Our Brazilian Keratin Straightening helps eliminate frizz and boost shine. It is safe on all hair types and can be done on color-treated hair. It can last 3 to 4 months. It’s a time saver when it comes to styling your hair at home. What is it? Depending on your hair texture, a particular Signature Keratin Straightening serum will be picked from our exclusive product line. Our method provides a range of potential results which may be expressed by the client. Popular requests are to have the hair straightened or smoothen. After applying the product, there is no downtime. We will remove the Keratin and be treated with our Luxury Nutrition Mask customized for your hair texture. Then the hair is blow dried and styled. The hair specialist will provide you an individualized home care guide on How-To maintain your hair. What's the procedure? Procedure will depend on hair and results you desire to achieve. A generic process as follows: Client will receive a deep cleansing shampoo at the hair washing station. Particular Brazilian Keratin Straightening will be selected for your hair type and color. Customer is moved to the hair styling station; the hair specialist will apply with the unique product on the hair. Hair will be blow dried and flat ironed in small sections. Client is moved back to the hair washing station. Hair specialist will rinse the hair and apply Luxury Nutrition Mask. Client is moved back to the hair style station to blow dry and style the hair. Individualized home care guide will be provided on how to maintain your hair. 2 –3 hours process. Price is dependent on hair type, texture and length. “Brazilian Keratin for blond” it’s formulated for hair that already has blond/highlights we use purple gloss to protect and avoid brassy tones while treats the hair.
  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment
    Description coming soon!
  • Hair Cuts
    Bangs Bob Kids Hair Cut Layers Trim (Straight Cut, only) V-Shape
  • Keratin Extensions
    Most women "dream" of longer length and/or having fuller set of hair. Applying keratin hair extension is one of the safest, gentler ways to make your hair appear longer and voluminous. This form of extension allows you to shampoo, condition and style your as normal. To reach 8-12 weeks of good use, please follow specific instructions provided by the hair specialist after. What is it? Individual strands of the keratin hair extensions are carefully bonded by adhesive to the client's natural hair. The strands of hair are strategically placed so it is not visible. Consultation is required to understand the client’s hair texture, color, length and their length goal they are trying to achieve. Please call to book for consultation with the hair specialist.
  • Micro-link Extensions
    What is it? Micro-link extension is an effective way to make your hair look naturally longer and fuller. When properly installed, the micro-links are hidden to allow you to effectively style your hair. This is best recommended for those who have fine to medium dense hair. In addition, the client needs to have at least 4 inches of natural hair. A consultation with the hair specialist is preferred to see if this is the right method for you. What's the procedure? A strand of hair with silicone micro-beads or micro-tubes are securely attached to sections hair. With proper spacing during installation will provide best mobility for the customer. This will last for about 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance. Highly recommend to schedule follow-up appointments to tighten the bead and cleanse your hair. Please call to book for consultation with the hair specialist.
  • Signature Hair Nourishing Treatment
    How does this treatment work? Rich amino acids and proteins, fast hair repair and reconstruction from damage caused by environmental and chemical treatments. *Includes blow dry and styling*
  • Tape Extensions
    Tape hair extension is an easy and quick method to make your hair look voluminous and longer. This method is best to use for thin hair that is looking for a gentle hair extension application. However, this is open to all that is looking for a quick way to give your hair volume and appear longer in length. How to maintain? To ensure the tape settles in well, do not shampoo or style hair for at least two days. After a certain amount of time has passed, shampoo as normal but do not apply conditioner to or near the taped sections. Wash hair only 1-3 times per week. If you need to blow dry your hair, apply heat protection then set the hair dryer to low temperature after washing. Hair specialist will recommend best shampoo and conditioner to use post application. Hair extensions may stay in for 6-8 weeks. After this time period, it will provide the best results to reuse and reattach using tape refills. Please call to book for consultation with the hair stylist.
  • VIP Deluxe Hair Treatment
    How does this treatment work? Thermal sealing and volume reducer, hair reconstruction and moisturizing for virgin or colored hair *Includes blow dry and styling*
  • Dry Manicure NEW TECHNIQUE
    Glam Gel Polish
  • Dry Pedicure NEW TECHNIQUE
    Glam Dry Pedicure Polish Glam Dry Regular Polish
  • Manicure
    Bossa Nova Manicure Regular Polish It's our traditional Brazilian way of applying regular polish on entire nail. Detailed cuticle work. 2. Rio Gel Manicure Detailed cuticle work and gel application, long-lasting look.
  • Nail Extensions
    Gel Extensions Fiber Nails
  • Pedicure
    Bossa Nova Pedicure It's our traditional Brazilian way of applying regular polish on entire nail. Detailed cuticle work. 2. Carnival Luxury Gel Pedicure It's a dry cuticle cleaning, includes foot scrub and hydration lotion.
  • Extra Services
    Callus removal (Single Service) Gel Polish Change (Hands) Polish Change (Hands) Polish Change (Toes)
  • Bikini Area
    1. Bikini Line Wax removal of hair along the front edges of your bikini bottoms. 2. Brazilian Wax removal of all hair. 3. Brazilian & Butt Cheeks 4. Butt Cheeks
  • Body Waxing
    Belly Chest Full Arms Full Legs Half Arms Half Legs Hands & Fingers Lower Back Neck Toes & Feet Underarms
  • Facial Waxing
    Arching Chin Ears Eyebrow Tweezing Eyebrows and lip Combo Eyebrows Shaping and Tint Eyebrows Forehead Full Face Nose Sideburns Upper Lip
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